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Watch Live TV Sports Free on PC, Smartphone & Tablet

Using a PC laptop or a smartphone or a mobile internet device (MID) with a decent internet connection you can watch live tv sports online almost anywhere. Log on to enjoy your live tv sport match at home, at the office, at a coffee shop or log on at the airport while waiting in transit. The benefits of free internet tv services to watch online live tv sports and other entertainment tv events are clearly tremendous. If your game is broadcast on tv it’s probably also available on a live streaming website. If you can access the internet you can probably access your game.
The internet has become the ideal open platform to deliver high quality sports live streaming to sports fans. High-speed  broadband services, affordable rates and a high percentage of Internet penetration offer optimal circumstances for a high quality interactive experience, often enhanced with game and player profile info, text and live audio commentary in multiple languages, chat forums, replays, etc., thus making sports live streaming and video replays rich rewarding experiences. Even foreign language streams can be enjoyable.

The acquisition of new broadband internet tv sports rights and investment into a broadband delivery platforms are contributing to the growth of a wide variety of live tv sports. The quality, availability and reliability of online streaming can only improve especially with the increasing popularity of sports around the world which has propelled the online demand and proliferation of live tv sports. This has been further fostered by innovative advancements in web technology, video streaming technology plus the expansion and penetration of social networks into the sports viewing community.

Listed below we have recommended prime free internet tv services that provide viewing live tv sports online free of charge, with a brief description and comments on their services.

Be aware of other alternative services that advertise free live internet tv viewing but require a membership or other fee to access their services but which really are the same free internet tv services  as noted below unless you can find a some other benefit for subscribing as a member.

Some of these free internet tv services listed below require the addition of streaming multimedia player software on your computer in order to watch live tv sports and other entertainment tv online. Fortunately these streaming services are free and relatively small in file sizes but you do need broadband internet service for proper streaming viewing on your computer. Otherwise “buffering” which means uploading & downloading until the stream is good enough to watch can take a long time or fail altogether.

There are numerous free streaming internet tv services but the major ones are Adobe Flash Player, Windows Media Player, RealPlayer,,,  Ustreamtv,  FreeDoCast,  SopCast,  TVU Player,  Veetle Player, Vshare, and Zonein. These services also provide access to other online media, news, movies and other entertainment events. So you may need to download software from some of these services but again the software is free of charge and  if you need their software to watch live tv sports, then the internet tv service that you log onto will automatically notify you with a link to the required streaming multimedia software provider in order to download their multimedia player software.

As well, note that these free internet tv services listed below feature banner advertising on their live tv sports programs which can be annoying but is only a minor inconvenience for having free access to live tv sports online. Another inconvenience are picture blackouts that occur from time to time due to high traffic viewing usage requiring refreshing your connection or switching to an alternative service provider.

Directory of Prime Free Internet TV Services is a website directory portal of links to free live tv sport matches, including free live sports results, live scores,  scoreboards and free live tickers. These sports include soccer football -  American football -  rugby -  cricket -  golf -  tennis – baseball -  basketball -  volley ball -  ice hockey -  water polo -  cycling – motor sports -  plus snooker and also links to sports betting  websites.

LivescoreHunter uses popular streaming internet tv services such as Vshare, Ustream, Flash and others which also do feature banner ads. To download their sports live streaming video – P2P software services simply click on the streaming software tab under the main top page header band to access a list of their providers.

To watch a sports match, first locate the general sports category across the page top or on the left side vertical bar, then click on that category which will bring up a new page listing match times and video links to access and watch available matches within that category.  Also on this page of match times  & listings is a panel below with links to live scores and online chat.  Click on anyone of the matches listed under the live scores header to get the live scores of the relevant matches. As well there are links to the betting features along the bottom band of the home page. Go to LiveScoreHunter is a UK site that specializes in watching numerous free live TV sport matches -  soccer – world cup 2010 -  American football -  rugby -  baseball – ice hockey -  cricket -  tennis -  cycling -  motor sports – horse racing and more.

These are  accessible by clicking on the "Live Sports" tab under the top header band which connects you to a schedule list of live matches for viewing. You can also watch other tv channels by clicking the "Live TV" tab which lists the available channels by country.As well, there are other tabs, "Search" which provides lists of daily sports matches with times; "Software" which provides links to download various multimedia player software programs and "Forum" which links to MyP2P forum.

Most of the sports live streaming available can be watched in your web browser but the quality is very hit and miss so getting a dedicated piece of software is recommended. The software that you need to have or to install are Windows Media Player 10 or 11, Real Player SP, Adobe Flash Player, VideolAN  plus other sports live streaming service providers, all of which are free to download & install.

Fortunately MyP2P site keeps an updated selection of all the free software needed. MyP2P provides a short users guide accessible by clicking on the software tab in the header menu which easily explains how to use their service. As well, there is a forum accessible by clicking on the tab under the top header band providing more helpful information. Furthermore they offer free registration to their service to facilitate accessibility and use of their site. Go to MyP2P provides free international live tv sports coverage of numerous sports - football - soccer,basketball - baseball - boxing - cricket - cycling - golf - rugby - tennis - horse racing - snooker - table tennis - darts - swimming plus more using live tv sports streaming software services like Sopcast, TVU, TVAnts, Veetle, Zonein, etc.

Simply click on any of the sporting image icons under the page header to access a drop down directory of all continually updated live tv sports events by hour by day for the sports category selected and then click on the event selected to access live streaming viewing.

This site specializes in offering live soccer football matches from the English league, La Liga, Serie A, European and other International football matches via foreign satellite television channels. And this site provides live up todate soccer football news & scores and has Live Radio Match Streams for listening to live matches online via BBC and Century Fm. All links are from their respective channel's official website.

Additionally, there are also exclusive extra links available in their forum to other sports along with links to Satfootball plus other sports live streaming sites devoted to international professional soccer football news and live streaming matches. Go to Free Football-All Sports Live on TV To quickly and easily find live tv sports events look below the fold on the bottom half of the home page for a vertical list of free links to live tv sports events for the day showing their GMT start times. Choose and click on the sports category from the header menu to bring down a list of scheduled events within that category - Football -Tennis - Hockey - Basketball - Baseball - Volleyball - Other. The Other categogies feature - Rugby - Athletics  - golf - boxing - Nascar - Speedway.

Hosting of these sports live streaming events is provided by reliable, safe and high-quality streams from external broadcasting sources and downloads to these broadcasting sources should not be necessary for the majority of sports live streaming. But some of these links may require a specific multimedia player, such as TVU, Veetle, Silverlight, Searchlight, Sopcast, Streamtorrent, etc.

Links to these players software should be provided on the sports video page by double clicking on the video window to download the appropriate streaming software service for watching that live tv sports event.

Older PCs may need Adobe Flashplayer and Windows Media Player which along with other multimedia players are free to download online from their sites or via their inks on our sidebar. And Firefox is generally the best browser to use for live tv sports streaming on this site, though Chrome, Opera and Safari are also good. But note that some streaming does not work at all on Internet Explorer but details are given on each sports video window for recommended browsers to use on each sports live streaming page.

Note that the top half of the home page features 6 large videos each one representing a major sports category which when clicked upon brings down a similar schedule menu of live tv sports events as below the page fold. Below these 6 videos are 2 large video commercial ads to entice you to interact and presumably placed there as a potential source of revenue to enable this site to provide free streaming. Above these ads under the top page header are two tabs; the "Live Scores" tab which provides a drop down menu with links to up todate scoring info of various sports categories and the "Movie" tab providing links to viewing free and pay entertainment movies online. Go to Free Live Streaming Sports

LAOLA1 is a European sports website providing free online viewing of international live tv sports events plus sports video replays of all sports. This site requires viewers to familiarize themselves with navigating its interface since there is no help guidance on its home page.  The home page features three tabs in the header band of the large dynamic sports video: "Home", "Channels" and "Live". Below this header band & large video on the main page are approx 25 small interactive video box windows featuring various sports news video clips which can be activated and enlarged when clicked upon.

These small video box windows appear (4 per row) in vertical row categories beneath the top category heading "Upcoming LIVESTREAMS" and each contain video clips of forthcoming sports event including its time date.  NB. all times are CET (central European time).  Numerous sports videos from LAOLA1 inventory are accessible by clicking on the forward arrow icon at the right side of each row. Other row categories are shown vertically below on this page containing the relevant sports topic video clips which again can be activated and enlarged when clicked upon. Note that all these video clips start with a short commercial ad, somewhat annoying but the price one pays to access this free sports live streaming online.

To access the various sports categories simply mouse over the "CHANNELS "  tab to reveal a menu of sub tabs of these sports categories - Soccer - Ice hockey - Volleyball - Motorsports - More Sports - Federations each of which provides access to more sub categories along with more small interactive video window clips of sports news.

Alternatively clicking on the "LIVE" tab on the home page brings down a new menu window inside this page containing a list of live tv sports events with time dates. Click on any of these listings to access enlarged windows containing relevant details.

Adobe Flash Player is required for the LAOLA1 video service.

Finally note that the home page bottom script also contains links to all these various sports categories. Go to LAOLA1 TV

Bet365 is an online sports betting company but also provides sports live streaming matches available worldwide except for the USA citizens who are prohibited by USA law from online gambling. But for citizens of other countries their services are available online. Bet365 requires your free registration in order to watch some live sports free but certain live tv sport matches and events require funding of your account with a minimum of 5 euros or 10 USD, but you don’t have to bet to use their viewing service.

Their picture viewing frame is small at approx 14 cms wide by 11 cms high on a normal size laptop computer but their streaming service is very good.

They provide sports live streaming of numerous sports – all UK and European soccer football – American football -rugby – Australian rules – baseball – basketball – cricket – ice hockey – cyckeling – golf – tennis – volleyball – horse racing – greyhounds – boxing – yachting – motor sports -  professional and college North American sports – and other sports – plus darts and snooker.

Bet365 Group Limited, is a UK based gambling company being one of the world’s leading online gambling groups with over 4 million customers in 200 different countries providing service in 14 different languages.The Group employs over 1,000 people and is the UK’s 16th largest private company.

Login to to register an account in order to watch live tv sports online after registering. Go to Bet365

Additionally there are many other websites that offer live tv sports coverage, some providing free and others offering paid membership or user fee services to access their services but the 6 websites above represent our top picks for free online tv sports. And we will update this list as new free internet tv services become become available.

For your convenience we have put connecting links to these and other popular free internet tv services including multimedia player software providers on the right sidebar of this page. Additionally we have listed links to the major tv networks and prime sports websites providing sports news coverage.

Finally, please note that ESPN, the most popular online live sports providers, is only available if it is provided by your own internet service provider, although it is provided free on college campuses and military bases.

PS. Get your free 2014 World Sports Events Calender by filling out the form on the sidebar.